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Cherries in the Snow Poke Cake

A good cake is the best way to end a meal, and it’s even better if it’s a poke cake. This type of cake gets its super-moist texture from the addition of a vanilla pudding mix (made with milk) that’s poured on top of the cake and into the holes poked by a chopstick or skewer. You could also use a large boba straw instead which would allow more of the pudding to seep into the cake.

This particular recipe starts with classic yellow box cake, vanilla instant pudding mix, cherry pie filling, and Cool Whip. The name recalls the famous Revlon lipstick shade which has been in production since 1953. Unlike the raspberry-color lipstick, this cake does actually remind one of cherries in the snow thanks to a layer of Cool Whip covered in cherry pie filling on top.

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