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Chef’s Top Tips on Choosing Fresh Chicken

If it holds onto your indentation for too long, pass on it. A fresher one will push back. You can also go Rachael’s route and buy your chicken from the meat counter where you can lay your eyes on it without any packaging.

2-Yellow Skin
Some of you may be alarmed by the variations in a chicken’s skin or fat color, especially when some are yellow and others are a pale white. No need to worry. It has to do with feed, breed, and age too. Chickens that have eaten food containing yellow pigments or carotenoids will have a yellow tint to their skins.

The breed of chicken also affects how color is expressed in the skin. In some breeds, the skin will always be white, regardless of the diet. All in all, it doesn’t affect the quality of the bird.

Click on the video below to hear Curtis and Rachael talk more about choosing the right chicken from the supermarket. You’ll want to get the skinny on the merits of buying a whole chicken instead of packaged parts. There’s more to it than just saving money!.

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