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Cheesy Mississippi Sin Quiche

If you loved our Mississippi sin dip as much as we did, then you already know what a great indication that is of how yummy this quiche is. For those of you who have no idea what Mississippi sin-anything is, allow us to explain. Both our Mississippi sin dip and our Mississippi sin quiche share some common flavors that make whatever it is we’re cooking absolutely delicious.
Ham and cheese are obviously the two heavy hitters, but it’s the addition of Worcestershire sauce, sour cream, garlic and onion powder that really tie things off and bump it all up a notch. If you, like us, love quiche lorraine and are looking for something like that (but better), this is the dish for you! We’ve made it clear we love the taste of this quiche, but let’s rewind for a moment and go over some of the reasons why we love quiche in general.
One, it’s like a pie, but cheesy, creamy and delicious. Two, it’s the perfect all-day food, excellent for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Three, it’s easy to make and is a great choice to make ahead or bring to any get-together, as it just needs to be popped in the oven and warmed up before it’s ready to go. We love quiches of any kind, but are definitely partial to ones that have tons of flavor (and cheese) and a little kick to go with it…just like this one!

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