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“Cheeseburger” Casserole

I make this quite often at my house and it’s always a BIG hit! There are 9 people that live here and 5 of them are children who just love this! I usually will double all the ingredients except the meat and make 2 casseroles very cheap! =) I hope you enjoy my concoction of burgery goodness as much as my kids do!
– I made this last night, using the french fry method…and my family love, love, loved it! There are just three of us at home now, myself, husband, and teenage son, and there is MAYBE one serving of it left. Thank you for the recipe! I get a lot of my recipes online, as I can’t seem to find one for “it doesn’t matter”, or “I don’t care”. My husband asked me to put it in the “keeper” file.
– I’ve made this for a second time. Boy this smells so Good! My 16 yr. old made up the Mac & Cheese, My husband cooked meat,I chopped onion,drained grease,and made up the filing(mustard, Ketchup, Worchest. sauce. It was a team effort! Oh, I buttered the bread…:)

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