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Cheater Laundry Room Makeover

In the process of moving from our former townhouse to our current bungalow, my Hubby and I lost some square footage – including a functioning basement – but we gained pretty great features, like a main floor laundry room! It feels like such a luxury to me. Unfortunately, our laundry room is also the very first room you see when you enter our house, plus it’s the only access to the guest powder room. It’s also a makeshift mudroom, and where our dog eats and sleeps. Our electrical panel and attic access is in there too. It’s a hardworking room and one day we intend to renovate it – perhaps reconfigure the two rooms, purchase new appliances, add more storage, etc. For now, though, I wanted to be able to hide it all when guests come. I air dry many of my clothes, using an indoor dry rack in the winter months, and didn’t relish the thought of airing my clean – or dirty – laundry to guests. With a small budget, we came up with a simple and functional solution: a pretty curtain to hide it all!
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Here is the before. It already had some white melamine cabinets for storage, which have been handy. But I wasn’t a fan of the yellow and the oak trim, especially because the rest of my house has all-white walls and trim, and I wanted this room to blend in.
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