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Bring Some Attention to Your Ceiling

This is a dust free sander so it was very nice to not have the dust.

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I then needed to determine if I was able to screw then 2×4’s to ceiling joists. One I was able to the others I was not. The frame of my house is an A frame so I am able to access my attic easily to add Necessary bracing.

so I went up into my attic and added some supports.



If you are not able to access above your ceiling, you can use proper weight rated drywall anchors as well.



I basically made a box around my light figure. I also could have removed the light prior but just installed it and did not want to remove and reinstall. So I worked around it.

I covered the entire frame in MDF. I used my table saw to cut the MDF down to size.



I used Construction adhesive and brad nails to hold it into place.

I covered the entire frame, even the outside And inside edges.

After the MDF, I installed corner trim over all the edges. I used mitred edges.

I filled all the nail holes and lightly sanded smooth.

I then used caulking on all the seams to give it that seamless look.

when this was all dry, I painted it with primer and white paint.

All finished!



honestly, I am beyond pleased with the outcome of this.



It brings a certain sense of elegance to the space.



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