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Bleaching Weathered Wood

If you remember last summer we built this pretty table and benches!

bleaching weathered wood, Click here to check out how easy they were to build
Click here to check out how easy they were to build!

Well a year of being out in the weather has been rough on it!

I actually saw on Tik Tok someone using pool chemicals to bleach their Woodfence! First of all please… for the love of God do not use pool chemicals!!!!!!! If you’re not a pool owner then you may not know, but we definitely have a shortage of chemicals.

So I decided to try bleach! I used a 1:1 mixture. I started by spraying the bleach all over the table and benches and letting them sit in the sun. The benches only took 1 coat each but the table took 3-4. The next day I applied two additional coats a few hours apart. The table top was a bit challenging.

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