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Biscuit Bread

If you’re looking to serve some warm bread on the side of any dish you could possibly be making, look no further than the recipe for this 3-Ingredient Skillet Biscuit Bread! I mostly serve this fantastically simple quick bread for breakfast.

I love to bake it fresh in the morning, especially on Sunday mornings, and serve it with butter, jam or honey. It’s such a great morning treat, and we typically enjoy this biscuit bread served on a plate along with some buttery scrambled eggs. It’s a fast, fresh breakfast and a tasty combination. However, some days I prefer to serve this old-fashioned skillet bread sliced into wedges, topped with crumbled breakfast sausage, and slathered in homemade country gravy. This has honestly become my family’s favorite way to enjoy a plate of luscious biscuits and gravy.

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