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Best Oven Baked Fries and Potato Wedges

I have always had a passion for French fries, and therefore, I could never pass by those golden arches without stopping in to buy some. These days, we are trying to eat a lot healthier, so it was a very sad day when I had to give up my French fries. But I found with some research, that you don’t really have to give up what you love. Just find a substitute that is healthier and one that tastes just as good. While that may not always be easy, after a lot of experimentation, I found what we consider to be a recipe for the perfect fry. The best thing about this recipe is that you don’t have to turn the fries in the oven. It is made with only 1 TBS of oil, and it tastes fabulous. You won’t even know these are oven fries. You owe it to your heart to try this healthy recipe for French fries. I bet you won’t even miss the ones at the golden arches. I don’t. Enjoy!
-These are, without a doubt, the best French fries I’ve ever eaten. We’ve had these so many times now…I don’t even need the recipe anymore. I’ve just learned it.
-I wonder how someone who takes an hour to make something that should take only 20 to 30 mins to make can not think they are doing something wrong. I make potatoes this way all the time and they always turn out great. I cut them as fries or round for home fries and switch up the seasonings for different flavors. always a great side to any meal.
-I’ve made this recipe many times and never once; not even the first time I tried it, has it ever failed me. In fact, this has become my “Go-to” method for making fries. I could do this blindfolded.

So, before you diss a tried & true recipe, at least make it twice just to be sure you followed the steps correctly.

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