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Banquet Table Makeover

Apply wood glue to the edges of the 12″ boards. Making sure the ends of the boards are align, clamp them together and allow glue to dry for two hours.

Using a tape measure, mark where the pilot holes need to be drilled on the 3″ edge boards. I marked 4″ from each end, then every 10″. Using those marks, drill pilot holes and countersink holes for the screws you will be using to attached the 3″ edge boards to the 12″ top boards.



Attach the 3″ edge boards to the 12″ top boards using screws, countersinking the screws.

Fill the screw holes with wood filler.

After the wood filler has dried, sand the table using medium grade sandpaper.

Using a damp cloth, wipe the entire table to remove any dust.

Chose your finish – either paint or stain. I used Red Oak stain.

Using a dry cloth, remove any excess stain. Allow the stain to dry at least 1 hour. Finish with a clear coat of sealer. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Your new table is ready to use!

To permanently affix the new table top to the original banquet table, apply Liquid Nails to the original top and place the new top onto the original. For added support, screw the top in place.