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Aunt Cheryl’s Famous Pecan Chicken Salad – Perfect For Sandwiches!

A long time ago, maybe a few summers back, I went to a baby shower and had the pleasure of eating a lovely chicken pecan salad. We had the choice of eating the salad on croissant rolls or over a bed of lettuce and greens. I chose the lettuce option as it just seemed super appealing to my taste buds at the time. The salad’s bold flavors immediately satisfied my hunger. I found the food to be light but filling. However, I still had room for desserts and that delicious baby shower cake LOL. This recipe is a real keeper and you will soon see why!

My church hosts a potluck meal twice a month and I think I’ll be making this salad for the next one.

The recipe on the next page is meant for feeding a ton of people but you can easily cut the ingredients in half to fit your feeding needs

Are you looking for something fresh and fancy to feed a crowd? Don’t get me wrong, this recipe is VERY easy to make but it looks and tastes so fancy. The pecans mixed with the apples and grapes complement one another well and give the salad a bit of a crunch. Yummo! My family loves this stuff. My youngest son has tree nut allergies so I make him a special batch sans the nuts. You are really going to enjoy making and eating this salad and I anticipate that your family will as well. The following recipe is meant for feeding a crowd so adjust as needed.

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