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Art Deco Coffee Hutch

At a garage sale there was this small hutch just calling my name. I answered and took it home to try my hand at making a coffee station out of it.

art deco coffee hutch

While the oak frame was sturdy, the top, back and bottom plywood pieces all were rotted and needed to be replaced. For the top, bottom and lower back I used scrap plywood…measure, cut and attach with screws. The second job was to fix the crown molding on the top. Both corners had separated. Wood glue and a furniture vice remedied this problem.

I used soapy water to clean the piece that had not been cleaned in 30 years. Once clean, I lightly sanded to help the paint adhere. I painted the inside and outside with an off white satin enamel. I also removed the drawer and doors and painted those with two coats. The knobs were so cool I left them a natural wood.

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