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Almond Joy Bars (With or Without the Almonds)

This recipe is so good! Use light or dark chocolate. Use a 13×9 inch pan for a thicker recipe. Use half the recipe for a smaller group. It is simply easy. (Call it Almond Joy or Mounds, either way it is good).
– I made these to put in my daughters christmas package.
When she called to tell me the package arrived I asked her how she liked the cookies, and she liked these so much she asked for the recipe.
– I made these in the weekend. I realised after I made the coconut filling that what I had was way more than would fit in my 8×12 pan, so had to do a second lot of base in another tin so I could use this up. This was fine by me. Because of being dairy free I used soy condensed ‘milk’ as a substitute, and dairy free dark chocolate chips as a topping. I know from previous experience that a tin of condensed milk does one of my tins, as does one packet of dark choc chips. I did also know from previous experience to cut the chocolate before it gets hard, but still had it crack on me. Good thing I don’t need to present it to anyone so it doesn’t have to look perfect. The family seems to like them, and of course now they have double helpings to look forward to! Just a message to some of the others who query things like the type of butter or coconut to use – just give it a try with your sea salt/normal salt, salted/unsalted butter or sweetened/unsweetened coconut – just give it a go with what you have – if you don’t like it that way then use the alternative next time. Trust yourself – some of the best recipes have come from people substituting things because they don’t have the ingredients on the original recipe. Very tasty recipe by the way!

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