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A Simple Closet Upgrade for Less Than $30

The closet in my room was small, as in the smallest closet in the three bedrooms that we have in our house. I have lived with it for quite some time now, and I finally decided to reconfigure things so that I had double the hanging space. The best part is that this was done on an extreme budget (of course!!). Here is how I did it!

entryway closet organization idea

The before… I wouldn’t say that there is anything horribly wrong with this closet. There are many homes that have closets just like this one (48” wide x 24” deep), but in the spirit of maximizing the space I had, I wanted to reconfigure things.

My first step was to remove the shelf. This shelf was unusually deep (23”!) and many times I would have to get the step ladder in order to reach items that had been pushed to the very back. Another issue was that there was at least 3 feet of unused space above this shelf that I wanted to take advantage of!

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