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A Rusty Bed Spring Becomes a Trellis


Back when my brother was still a bachelor, I helped him get rid of a few things that were cluttering up his basement. One of those things was an old steel bed spring that had been left there by the former owner. Judging by its size, it was probably from a child’s bed.

I thought it would make a fun garden trellis if I painted it, so I took it home. I stashed it behind some bushes along our driveway fence – just temporarily, of course, until I had the time to paint it.

That was about 10 years ago.

Earlier this summer, when Chris rebuilt our driveway fence, he came across the bed spring – still sitting, unpainted, where I’d left it. The steel had rusted over the years, and the rust looked (to me, at least) more interesting than any type of paint.

Sometimes it pays to procrastinate.

a rusty bed spring becomes a trellis

Finding Inspiration by Accident

It was time for me to either do something with this piece or give it away. But I couldn’t think of where in the garden we could actually use it.

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