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9 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Scratches on Any Surface

2. China Plateware
There’s nothing more annoying than pulling out your fine china, just to find your only fancy plates scratched up. Ugh. Above is a brief tutorial from Simplemost, which will show you how to make your plates look good-as-new with just a few ingredients.
3. Car Paint
Sure, your car might not be something IN your home, but it’s something that gets scratched up more than almost anything else. But before you run out to spend hundreds (or thousands, depending on how bad the damage is) at an auto body place, try this DIY tutorial from Chris Fix.
All you’ll need is soapy water, car wax, tape, and sandpaper.
4. Patent Leather Shoes
You’re heading out for a night on the town, you pull out your dancing shoes – and you stop in your tracks when you see a huge scratch on the patent leather. Don’t waste time planning another outfit!
Instead, try this hack: rub a little Vaseline on the scuff/scratch with a Q-Tip until it starts to fill in. They’ll look like brand new kick after just a mintue or so!

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