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8 powerful ways to make your clothes white and stainless naturally

3. DIY whitening solution
Try this miracle solution to get your whites to their maximum potential. You’ll need super hot water, 1 cup of laundry soap, 1 cup of powdered dish soap, 1 cup of bleach and 1/2 cup of borax. Soak your whites in this solution for several hours (overnight if possible) before washing, One Good Thing by Jillee recommends.
4. Separate your clothes
Really. Don’t even wash your whites with light colors as the color can transfer to your whites and make them look gray and dingy. Pull a 4-year-old who hates her foods touching, and make sure your white loads are for only all-white clothes.
5. Let your clothes soak up the rays
Sun fades. That’s why toe-heads look a little blonder after spending hours in outside in the summer. Try drying your whites on the clothes line. Let the sun help whiten those clothes naturally, Wonderhowto recommends.
6. Get rid of stain with dishwashing tablets
The next time you try to whiten up a nasty shirt, toss a dishwashing powder tablet into the wash. The Daily Mail gave it a 7/10 for effectiveness. The oxidizing agents which help remove stains from dishes work on your whites too.

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