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7 Surprising Thrift Store Finds You Should Never Ignore!

If you are a longtime ‘thrifter’, then you likely follow a personal rule book, of sorts. Perhaps you have a strict price limit; or maybe you just refuse to consider certain items, such as outdated clothes, tarnished furniture, or old photos. Keeping that in mind, sometimes these ‘restricted finds’ are worth an extra look—even if you don’t intend on keeping them.
You see, thrift stores, particularly ones that are larger and experience a high turnover of merchandise, have been known to dole out extra good deals to their customers—sometimes without even knowing it! Unless that particular shop has an appraiser on-hand, there’s a good chance they may be selling undercover gems for a fraction of what they are worth.
For this reason and this reason alone, we’ve decided to compile a list of the most passed-over (and sometimes most valuable!) common consignment items. Here are 9 thrift store finds that could end up putting money back into your wallet…

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