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7 points that soothe headaches

2. Welcome Fragrance Point. Located on either side of each nostril, these pressure points open sinuses and reduce pain from tension headaches, says Modern Reflexology.
3. Temporal Hairline Curve. This pressure point, according to The Chopra Center, is located above the ear, at the back of the temple. Breathe deeply while using your fingers to rub the pressure point. Continue the acupressure until the pain subsides.
4. Wind Screen. Find this pressure point below the earlobe. The Chopra Center recommends asking a loved one to perform acupressure when you need it the most. This will help you relax deeper.
5. Hoku Point. You may be surprised to learn one of the best ways to relieve headaches is with a pressure point located on the hand. According to Acupressure Points Guide, the Hoku Point between the index finger and thumb works wonders on migraines, as well as front headaches and shoulder pain.

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