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7 Layer Punch Bowl Dessert

OMG, TARA!!! This dessert is absolutely incredible!!! I used a 12 oz. angel food cake, a 15 oz. can of pineapple chunks, a 15 oz. can of fruit cocktail, a small can of mandarin oranges, and a 12 oz. container of cool-whip. I didn’t have a punchbowl, so I made it in a regular large serving bowl. Also, I only had time, in my cooking frenzy for the 4th of July, to let the Jello set until slightly thickened (pourable) Then I refrigerated the entire dessert for 2 1/2-3 hrs.
It turned out wonderful, and everyone in my family wants the recipe. The taste reminded me of a banana split. Next time, I will double the recipe because noone could get enough of this stuff!! Wonderful, refreshing blend of tastes and textures!! 5+5+5….stars!! Thank you!!
It’s quite refreshing actually. It’s very similar to a pudding cake and since it’s got pudding and whipped topping, it seems a bit lighter than a cake with heavy icing. It’s yellow cake layered with vanilla pudding, pineapple, cherry pie filling, and whipped topping. Super simple. Now you may be thinking, “Um, Leah, that’s not a punch bowl.”
Well, you’d be correct. I don’t own a punch bowl and the perfect one for this cake has eluded me so far. My mom swears she gave me hers, but I swear I don’t have it, so now it’s the big punch bowl mystery. I do, however, own a trifle bowl. But I refuse to call this a Trifle Bowl Cake. It just wouldn’t be right.

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