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5 Best Paint for Outdoor Furniture

A new coat of paint gives everything a new look, and if your outdoor furniture looks anything like mine, it needs a facelift badly.  My patio furniture survives very harsh winter weather pretty well, but after several years, the paint cracks, the colors fade, and I am usually ready for a fun change anyway.

If you are ready to give your patio furniture a facelift in time for the summer, learn the best paints to use on outdoor patio furniture, and the important steps required to get that paint to perform at it’s best.

In this article, I address water-based paints because they are more popular due to their ease of use.  If you are painting wood furniture, and want to use oil paint, you can follow the same steps, using oil paint.  Note that the process of priming, painting, and curing will take significantly longer.

metal patio furniture outside

** Before you jump into the steps make sure your weather is consistently 65-90 degrees.  Painting in cold weather can cause your paint to bubble, and painting in high heat can cause your paint to dry out and peel.  So wait for good weather.

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