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4 Exercises to Improve Your Eyesight Without Glasses

Your eyes suffer a big deal because of the fact that you don’t blink often. Blinking prepares your eyes for new info, and the short period of darkness helps you process the things you see.

The invisible 8

It’s time to rely on your imagination. Just imagine that there’s an invisible figure eight lying on its side, right in front of your. Move your eyes along its “shape” for 5 minutes. Switch direction, and go for another 5 minutes. This is an excellent exercise for your eye muscles.

Cover your face

Cover your eyes using your hands, but don’t press them. There should be enough space for you to blink and watch in darkness. In what way is this beneficial for your eyes? It releases stress and tension. Do this when working on the computer.

Source: https://thehealthyfoodhouse.com