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Restoring an Art Deco Bar Cabinet

2wk furniture flip

Good morning everyone!! Well today is the reveal day of my piece I chose to work on for the 2wk furniture flip hosted by Nicole at Design_it_Vintage. Along with Nicole and myself, there were four other participants, who picked a long overdue furniture project and gave it some love and attention. I chose to work on an art deco cabinet at my mother’s home. I purchased it several years ago at an auction for about $25, before art deco made it’s most recent great comeback. I’m shaming myself for waiting so long to show this cabinet some TLC, but better late than never right. It’s so funny because I happened to be at my mother’s house when Nicole discussed the challenge and I looked over at this piece and said YES! Let’s do it – count me in!!

As you see here, the cabinet has suffered a bit of neglect (not that it was in pristine shape when I purchased it) but the wood is in complete dire need of attention , there was a missing handle and the beautiful brass knobs needed polishing.

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