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20 Signs Your Body is Too Acidic and 10 Ways To Quickly Alkalize It

Here are several ways which can help you reduce the acidity in the body:

  1. You should drink plenty of water to help the body flush the toxins and other harmful substances.
  2. Lemon water can help you regulate the pH levels in the body.
  3. Consume more alkaline-forming foods, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, and legumes.
  4. Increase the intake of greens, as they are highly alkalizing. You can consume them in the form of salads, green juices, and smoothies.
  5. Avoid acidic foods, or reduce their intake to at least one a week. This means that you should limit the use of dairy, pastries, meat, coffee, soda, eggs, popcorn, soy, seafood, alcohol, sweeteners, white vinegar, wheat products, and fish.
  6. Avoid GMO foods.
  7. Note that the pH balance of the body is significantly affected by your emotional state, so you should learn to control anger, fear, stress, resentment and jealousy. Try to find something that relaxes you, for instance, reading, yoga, swimming, or meditation.

We are the ones responsible for our own health, so make sure you provide the best conditions for your body in order to maintain its optimal state and live in health and wellbeing. Thus, you will be happier and full of energy and joy every single day.