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11 Signs You May Have a Zinc Deficiency

Zinc is an incredibly important component that keeps our bodies running healthily and happily. This trace mineral is responsible for a lot of different things all around the body’s system, so not getting enough of this powerful nutrient could have damaging effects on many areas of your health. Yet, 31% of the world and 12% of those in the US experience zinc deficiency, so there’s a chance you have this problem but have been ignoring its symptoms. Fortunately, there are some signs you may have a zinc deficiency.
Here Are 11 Signs You May Have Zinc Deficiency
“A growing body of evidence demonstrates that experimental zinc deficiency can induce depressive-like behavior in animals, which can be effectively reversed by zinc supplementation.” – Walter Swardfager.
1. Acne
Zinc has been linked to providing great anti-inflammatory benefits, which can prevent you from having bad breakouts. To be fair, plenty of other things can cause acne, including your skincare routine, the makeup you use, hormonal issues, or even your overall diet. But if you seem to be following all the rules for good skincare and still find your face covered in acne, you may want to consider adding some zinc to your food choices.

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