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11 DIY Cleaning Products That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

We all get messy and stain our clothes at some point (and if you have kids it’s all the time). I don’t know how much money I’ve wasted on stain remover solution and have never found one that I really like. This DIY cleaning product recipe only calls for three cheap ingredients and you probably already have them in your house. I used this the other day when my toddler drew all over the couch with a marker and it worked like a charm!

Source: My Frugal Adventures

4.3 Ingredient Glass Cleaner Recipe

3 Ingredient Glass cleaner Recipe

Nobody likes streaky windows! Here is another DIY cleaning product that I can pretty much guarantee you can make right now with stuff you have on hand.

Source: Thrifty Stories

5.Chemical-Free Tile, Tub, And Grout Cleaner

Chemical-Free Tile, tub, and grout cleaner

Tubs and floors can easily accumulate lots of funk, but this cleaning method can help make cleaning these areas much easier!

Source: My Cleaning Solutions

6.Homemade Carpet Deodorizer

Homemade Carpet Deodorizer

I love using carpet powder and making my whole house smell amazing! Who would have thought you could make it from home with baking soda (great deodorizer) and essential oils!

Source: Holistically Engineered

7.DIY Hand And Kitchen Disinfecting Wipes

DIY Hand And Kitchen Disinfecting Wipes

These are such simple recipes and so don’t contain any harsh chemicals like most cleaning wipes do. Plus the mason jar idea is just so cute!

Source: Organically Frugal

8.Reusable Dryer Sheets

Reusable Dryer Sheets

We all love our clothes to smell good but unfortunately, dryer sheets are full of chemicals. Chemicals that can cause cancer. That’s pretty scary to think how often we put our family’s health at risk when we buy things from the store (sad too that everything seems to be toxic they sell us, but I won’t get into that).

All you need to make your own is fabric, a glass container, vinegar, and essential oils to make these. And after you get them out of the dryer there should still be some liquid in the jar and you can just throw them back in there for a while until you run out!

Source: View From The Fridge

9.Air and Fabric Freshener Recipe

Air and Fabric Freshener Recipe

This air freshener spray only requires two ingredients + water and smells so good! Who doesn’t love the smell of downy? Plus baking soda absorbs foul odors that are lingering around your home.

Source: Diply

10.Dusting Spray

Dusting Spray

Many people simply use a duster brush or rag and wipe the dust from around their homes but a dusting spray is great for trapping the dust and other allergens. And this DIY cleaning product recipe is so quick to mix up!

Source: Live Simply

11. DIY Wood Polish Recipe

DIY Wood Polish Recipe

Wood isn’t always the easier thing to care for but this easy remedy will keep your wooden furniture looking beautiful!

Source: Home Talk