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Whiskey Sauce Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is like the last use of the word pudding in American English that even resembles British English “pudding.” I was reluctant for years to try bread pudding because I imagined like chunks of bread in the American custardy pudding. It was not an appetizing picture.

Like most of my food “epiphanies,” is happened suddenly, and it was like I grew up overnight. I went to a bakery down the street from my work, and I cought a bread pudding that was in the case. I will never say a bad thing about bread pudding again. It was fantastic. This whiskey sauce bread pudding looks outstanding, and it’s super simple to make!
Bread pudding is a really convenient dessert for larger families or even as a gathering treat. It’s like cake! One dish and a bunch of portions. I love how decadent and delicious this particular recipe for whiskey sauce bread pudding looks.

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