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this is also good made with cream of chicken soup, no corn and I cut my chicken and cook in pan with butter.. Mix chicken, soup, rotel together and put over chips then a layer on top with cheese bake until cheese is melted 🙂
This is a wonderful dish. I am a cheese lover, so this dish was perfect for me. I subtracted a star because the instructions were sometimes vague.
I can never follow a recipe to the letter, I always add something! 1st time around I almost followed to the letter – changed Creole seasoning (not a fan) to Mexican mix (like a mild taco type seasoning) and used Cream of Chicken instead of mushroom. Turned out good topped with some shredded lettuce and sour cream. 2nd time I used ground beef with my alternates and it was better. 3rd time I went crazy and used the chicken but Cool Ranch Dorritos-the BOMB!!!
not as great for 2nd time.chips get soggy.so maybe just hold the chips till serve or only fix for that meal.was good though.will make again.
I added a can of cream of chicken…& used the four cheese Mexican Philadelphia style …. I must I’m a big fan of Mexican food… & this is quick & easy with lots of favor…I like I like….

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