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Upside Down Apple Pecan Pie

What a winner…both in taste and presentation! So creative, and so good
-Do you rub the entire stick of butter on the bottom of the pie pan before adding the pecans and brown sugar or do you just rub a light coating of butter on the pan to grease it and prevent sticking when you flip it? Thanks for sharing the recipe! 🙂
-I made this pie saturday for a pre-thanksgiving dinner. the pie fell apart on me but the top tasted just like pralines. my husband, bless him, suggested layering it in pieces with the coolwhip in a triffle bowl, and it was a big hit! Never panic, just re-imagine!
-You have been so diligent and patient answering questions for 2 years + with your blue ribbon pie. I had the original story on this pie from a farm journal cookbook I had. Unfortunately I gave them away to my sister. But I want tell you I have had the recipe since the ’70’s and the recipe was out before that! Some enterprising cook wanting to impress sure did a good job. The excitement over this beautiful and delicious pie has lasted generations.

Well done. I am fairly new and reading though the site and groups, which is how I found you. Best of luck on your next recipe….I am sure it will be another winner!

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