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Thrifty Homemade Sandwich Bread Recipe

I’ve spent some time working on the perfect homemade sandwich bread recipe, and I think I’ve found it!

Winter in the Midwest means spending more time indoors (even snowed in at times), and that also means that I have more time for baking and all things domestic.  🙂

When we stay home, we always save more money.  That should be obvious, I guess, but I’m always astounded how little DIY projects and making more from-scratch recipes really makes a difference in our monthly budget.

Now, before you think I’m sitting here baking up a storm and homesteading on a regular basis – I’ll just say, this isn’t typical!

While I make most of our dinners from scratch, I don’t usually have time for things like making bread.

But during the winter months especially, I dig out this fairly easy sandwich bread recipe and enjoy not only eating it (it’s delicious!) but saving some money as well.

So if you’re not-a-Martha-Stewart like me, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of this process.

When I was pregnant with my son (almost 5 years ago, sniff sniff), I took the plunge into the work-from-home world and left my steady job at a law firm.

This change came with great freedom but also required us to cut back on spending drastically, as my new career paid significantly less.

(That’s a long story for another day, but it IS possible to work from home and make more than I did at that time.  I learned a lot in those first two years of freelancing.)

Anyhow, I remember stumbling across a recipe for homemade sandwich bread and decided I would try it out, mainly to save money.  Who doesn’t love homemade bread, anyhow?  I’ve modified this recipe over time through trial and error, so I can claim it, right?!  🙂

Normally I buy wheat bread, so yes, in some ways this isn’t the healthiest option if healthy (or gluten-free!) is your goal.

But there is the benefit of knowing what’s in your food – and avoiding preservatives in store-bought sandwich bread.

One of the things I also love about making my own bread is that this bread costs me approximately $0.64/loaf to make.

It uses very simple ingredients, as you’ll notice, which is another plus when you’re stuck at home and may not have fancy stuff on hand like powdered milk and whatnot (popular in other homemade recipes.)

*Tip:  Buy yeast in bulk at your local health food store for best value.

I buy enough to fill a standard size mason jar and keep it in my freezer where it is generally good for up to a year (sometimes longer!).

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