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The Reason You Should Put Fresh Potato On Armpits


Although seems a regular vegetable, not very rich in nutrients, this is not true at all! Potato contains a big quantity of vitamin C, the main stimulator of collagen production. Collagen is an essential substance for the skin; gives it firmness, elasticity, and protects it against premature ageing and harmful environmental factors.

In addition, potato contains a series of special proteins that stimulate the regeneration of skin cells, accelerating the healing of superficial wounds. And that’s not all: the list of nutrients include iron and zinc and that help to stretch the wrinkles.

Now you have the perfect solution to white your armpits, so there is no need to use different cosmetic creams or lotions with no results. Just one fresh potato and you will forget about this problem!

How to use the potato: 

  • peel a potato, grate it and rub your armpits with the grated potato
  • repeat daily this procedure until you depigmentation
  • you can potentiate the effect of the potato by adding lemon juice
  • if you don;t have enough time to grate the potato, you can simply slice it and rub your armpits with a slice of potato
  • beside the whitening effect, the unpleasant odour will disappear