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The BEST Way to Clean a Glass Cooktop

Want to know the best way of how to clean a glass cooktop? Then you’re in luck! This glass cooktop cleaner is the best thing for a clean glass cooktop with minimal effort!

Keep in mind that cleaning a glass surface or a glass stove top doesn’t have to be hard. You can clean the entire surface and get rid of those stubborn stains and mineral deposits using Bar Keepers Friend cleanser! It’s my favorite stovetop cleaner, and I’ll show you why!

how to clean glass cooktop

The BEST Way to Clean a Glass Cooktop

The other night, I was cooking up some Cuban food. I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love the food itself, but I hate cooking. I also do not enjoy cleaning.

Hate cleaning but love a clean house? Pick up this printable Spring Cleaning Bundle and you’ll be able to clean it all without feeling overwhelmed!

If you’ve ever cooked Cuban food from scratch, you know it’s a lot of work. From scratch, you’re going to dirty nearly every cutting board, pot, pan, and utensil you own. And, if you’re not on top of it, the kitchen becomes a citrus, rice, and black bean war zone.

I cheat and buy frozen plantains. But, the truth is, the only thing this saves me from is not selecting the perfect plantains. After the cooking, it’s still a chore to clean with everything else.

My kitchen was a disaster. And, as much as I tried to stay on top of the cleaning, it got away from me. I don’t get to enjoy 100% focus on any one thing, because I’m a mom.

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