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Sweet Chicken Bacon Wraps

I just love this finger food for watching TV games or at a gathering. This is a spiced up version of another recipe that was given to me.
-Made this the other night for the hubby and I. I cut the recipe in half and served this for dinner. It was wonderful! Will definitely make this again. Thanks so much! Wow! Just thinking about this again is making me hungry.
-so… the bottoms of the bacon don’t get too soggy sitting in the fat runoff from the other pieces? or do you have to flip them over halfway thru baking? maybe if I put them on a rack OVER a baking dish… then heat would reach all sides of them… or grill them outdoors…(as long as they don’t burn… that’s a lot of fat & sugar) Sounds delish anyway!
-Carol look at the comments. She even awnsers the question for me when she responds to Vickie and says that you can freeze them before baking them. But thank you for keeping an eagle eye out for me, I appreciate it!! ; )
-Thank you Goldie for such a great recipe. I made for my husband last night. Probably should have waited until Sunday. Because my daughter & her husband always come for Sunday dinner. I told my husband I was making a new chicken recipe. He has gotten sick of chicken altogether. I promised he would like it. He does love bacon. He was watching a basketball game when I came in with my plate of goodies. I just added some chips & such. He LOVED them! He loved how juicy the chicken was! Thank you so much! Any chicken recipe that gets raves from my husband deserves a “Blue Ribbon” nomination!

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