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Super Crispy Country Fried Chicken

I have been making this recipe for years and always get rave reviews and friends asking me to make it for them. There is one ingredient missing from the original recipe and that is Accent. (MSG) This ingredient is what makes it so delicious and I can’t find the original recipe to know how much to use. It is very bland in my opinion without it and very very few people have a mild and temporary allergic reaction to it according the major medical sites. How much do I use? Does anyone know???

This recipe is great! I’ve made this for the first time years ago, it’s still one of our favorites. The only trouble now is finding a 2½ to 3-pound chicken. Difficult to find one under 4 pounds. It’s nice to see some of the old favorites coming to this site.

I just did an all out search for this recipe on the internet and I should have known it would have led me back to my favorite site! This recipe has been around since I first got married in the mid-70’s and one we always loved. I too got it off the Crisco can. I always made it in an electric skillet and made the extra spicy version. Thanks so much posting. I will have easy access to it now!

I just had to try this recipe after watching the movie “The Help”. It turned out great. The crispy skin and extremely moist meat made it taste fantastic.

The coating did taste very good and cooked way to fast. The chicken didn’t get cooked all the way through but the breading was too dark. I made sure my oil wasn’t too hot too and tried a second time, but it still wasn’t great.



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