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Super Cheesy (and Chunky) Potato Soup

During the summer months, we filled our bowls with chilis and ice creams. Now that it’s fall, we’re working on filling our bowls with creamy, hearty, rich and delicious soups and stews. One soup we plan on making quite a bit is one of our favorites, a super cheesy, creamy, and chunky potato soup. There’s hardly any other way to describe this soup than amazing. A pot of this simmering on the stovetop is a great way to end any day, especially one filled with crisp and cool fall weather. We’re ready to grab a bowl and chase away that fall chill.

A soup like this is super easy to make, almost too simple! We’ve cooked the bacon and peeled potatoes, which is a great project for kiddos who want to be involved in the kitchen. Once those are done, the hard part is over and the pot does the rest of the work. Yellow onions that are sautéed in butter help to start the layers of flavor in our potato soup. We add more layers of flavor with vegetable stock (feel free to use chicken if you have it on hand) and milk. Cheese always makes food taste better, so the Colby Jack and cream cheese are an important part of what makes this dish so creamy and hearty.

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