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Strawberry Salsa

great summer salsa, great for bbq’s and family gatherings
This recipe is similar to the one I make, but I also use fresh
chopped mint as well. Really kicks the flavor up a notch.
-Do you think this could be processed and canned or would it get too mushy ? Sounds so delicious- would be nice to make lots in the spring and have on hand all year or for gifts. Love the idea to serve over cream cheese with crackers…yummm
-speaking of freezing the strawberries, I would flash freeze them….cut them in chunks, lay them out on a tray not touching, freeze and then bag them. Take what you want out at a time.
-I make this with Red Raspberries and put some thinly sliced green onion and Devo Red Raspberry balsamic and it’s outstanding too, especially with homemade cinnamon chips.
-Yum!! This delicious twist on traditional salsa packs quite a punch. The two jalapenos offered up a LOT of heat even with their seeds and membranes removed. Feel free to tone down the heat as you see fit – This recipe is too delicious to pass by.

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