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Strawberry Cream Puffs

From their crisp pastry shells to their strawberry whipped cream filling, strawberry cream puffs are a dessert perfect for spring, for baby showers, or really for any day of the year!

Oh my GOODNESS you guys! I am literally shaking with excitement about today’s post. (OK, if I’m being honest I’m probably shaking from excitement combined with the cream puff I had for breakfast.)

But there’s fruit in the cream puff filling, so that makes it an acceptable weekend breakfast right?

Anyway! Let’s get away from me for a second and discuss the reason for today’s post: my friend Katherine! She’s the blogger behind Love In My Oven and is getting ready to have her very first baby girl. Her sweet little daughter will join two big brothers and I (to get back to me for a second) cannot wait to meet the newest addition to their family!

In honor of Katherine’s big news, a bunch of amazing bloggers have gotten together to throw her a virtual baby shower with pink-themed treats. (Organized by the adorable Kelly from Kelly Lynn’s Sweets and Treats.)

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