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Slab Strawberry Shortcake

I have loved Strawberry Shortcake for as long as I can remember. It’s the “cake” I request for my birthday every year even though it’s not your traditional birthday cake by any means, but there’s no dessert I’d rather have. (Save for a well-executed creme brulee, maybe.) I love it so much that I don’t think there’s a whole lot of room for improvement — it’s ideal just as is — but one way to make it even better is to have a whole lot more of it. That’s what this Slab Strawberry Shortcake gives you — A LOT of strawberry shortcake. It’s an entire sheet pan’s worth, and it’s made up of a perfectly moist and lightly sweet shortcake, silky whipped cream, and syrupy fresh strawberries. As far as I’m concerned, it’s heaven in cake form, and there’s plenty of it to go around.

For strawberry shortcake, you don’t just want to slice strawberries and call it a day. No, the key is to macerate them, which is just a fancy way of saying ‘sprinkle sugar over them and let them sit.’ Macerating helps the berries release some juice, so instead of just delicious sliced fruit you get delicious fruit that’s even sweeter and has a syrupy sauce to spoon over anything your heart desires. Slice the berries, toss them in sugar, let them sit for about thirty minutes. That’s all there is to macerating.

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