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Six in a Pan

This Sex in a Pan has a crazy name for candy, but it’s one of the best desserts you’ll ever have, it’s mostly a candy bar with a crunchy pecan bottom crust.

More than 5 years ago she shared this wonderful dessert with you and fell in love with it ! It’s unbelievable, it’s decadent and gorgeous.

I thought this was the perfect time to share this with you again with some updated photos. With Valentine’s Day just two days nearer, I think this dessert will be ready for the day named as sex in a pan.

The name itself is funny for dessert, and hundreds of you have come out here to tell me all the other names this pudding has. I think it’s called sex in the pan because it has six and six layers in the pan, and the sex is done in the pan.

Long ago, before I got married, my boyfriend came for the weekend and made this dessert for me. I had no idea what it was like, but she promised me I’d love her, so we did it.

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