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Simple ways to find immediate relief from a stiff neck

Regular use of tablets and smartphones could mean trouble for your muscles and joints. The area that bears the brunt of strain tends to be the neck region. With so many people using hand-held technology, it has become commonplace for people to suffer from a stiff neck on a regular basis. It’s time to talk about prevention and learn a few simple tricks to soothe your joints.
What Causes a Stiff Neck?
According to Cleveland Clinic, the reason so many people experience a stiff neck is due to poor posture and weakened muscles. For example, staring at a computer screen or cell phone is the type of fixed position that causes joints and muscles to overextend and tire quickly. Once the muscles in your neck are worn out, it makes it impossible for smooth movement when you turn your head. Instead, the joints will catch causing a pulled muscle or damaged nerve. This leads to the stiff, painful feeling that can last days or sometimes weeks.

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