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Ricotta Spinach Pie Bake

We’ve got spring and brunch on our minds lately and we’re thinking of how we can start to make that transition with some recipes that make us think of both. Our ricotta spinach pie bake was one of the recipes that came to mind. This dish is perfect for Sunday brunch, especially one where you’re feeding guests, family, and friends. A big slice of this rich and creamy casserole served on a lovely spring morning is just about as good as it gets.

Here’s how we make the filling. Sautéed onions and garlic (always a good combo) are added to a generous amount of ricotta and pecorino romano cheese. Because we had some extra time, we went with a homemade crust and it is just as flaky and wonderful as can be. If you’ve got your own recipe, by all means, make what you love best! Our crust is scratch-made, but it’s possible to use short cuts to save yourself some time, and that’s why a store-bought pie crust comes through in a pinch.

In about an hour, our beautiful brunch casserole is ready to grace the brunch table. A buttery crust and hearty green spinach pair beautifully with the creamy ricotta filling, and all that’s left to do is to sit down and enjoy a wonderful meal. We let the dish rest for a few minutes to allow the cheesy filling to set up a bit before we grab a knife and carve out a slice. Just look at how the creamy-cheese filling is speckled with flecks of hearty spinach – yummy-yum! This is a dish that is beautiful to behold, delicious to eat, and perfect for a brunch with family and friends.

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