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Remove age spots, freckles, wrinkles, excess face fat and lighten your skin in a week

The chemical facial treatments and products women often use are full of harmful chemicals which won’t do your skin any good.

However, you should know that skin problems such as acne, freckles or wrinkles are treatable with the help of a simple natural remedy that will get rid of them for good. The homemade mask is made of oatmeal and lemon juice and will do wonders for your skin!

Dark spots are a big aesthetic problem and may appear anywhere on your body, including your face. Sun exposure, environmental factors, hormonal imbalance and an unhealthy lifestyle can aggravate the problem and make them appear bigger and darker, which isn’t especially pleasing. Luckily, the remedy we have for you today will resolve them and other skin problems quickly and easily.

Oats and lemon mask for a clearer skin

Oatmeal is not only good for your digestive system – it can help you resolve skin problems as well. Oats can enter your skin deeply and clean your pores, absorbing all the dirt and debris in your face. On the other hand, lemon juice is a great bleaching agent which will reduce the appearance of your freckles and dark spots, while eliminating the excess oil from your skin. Lemons have astringent properties and are rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant which can reduce the appearance of your wrinkles and stimulate collagen production, which will result in smoother and stronger skin. Here’s how to prepare the remedy:



Ground oats

Lemon juice



Mix the ingredients until you get a homogenous mixture, then clean your face well before applying the mask. Leave it to work for 20 minutes, then rinse with water and you will notice the results after only one treatment! Repeat the process every day until all your freckles, wrinkles and dark spots are gone.