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Recycle Veggie Can Into A Watering Can FlowerPot

I don’t know about you but I’ve started hording a lot of things I usually throw in the trash or recycle bin. I’m so afraid I can make something out of them. Like a tin can that held greenbeans. Somehow it reminded me of a watering can, so guess what, that’s what I made. It’s not a real watering can – but a flowerpot for decorative purposes only. With Mother’s Day almost here, moms are sure to love getting something like this. Just add a faux spout made of cardboard and decorative metal strip for a handle , paint & decoupage using napkins into a lovely flower container. For a complete tutorial visit: http://plumperfectandme.blogspot.com/2015/04/recycle-veggie-can-into-watering-can.html
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Start with this: a veggie can.
Clean and remove label. Using a small, sturdy cardboard tube from foil or cling wrap, saw diagonally across.

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Hot glue the slanted tube onto the can and paint.Next, take a piece of galvanized strip, measuring the length into a question mark shape. Cut and fold rough ends over.Apply E6000 to one edge at a time, hold in place using clips and masking tape until completely dry.
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