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Rasta Pasta With Spicy Jerk Chicken


2 box Penne Pasta
1 lb of chicken breast or chicken tenders
1 pack of frozen mixed veggies (corn, carrots, peas, green beans)
1 container of grated Parmesan cheese
1-2 Qt of heavy cream
3-4 tablespoons of mild jerk seasoning*
2 tbsp BBQ sauce
2 tbsp vegetable oil


Boil pasta as per package directions.
Cut chicken breast into cubes.
Heat vegetable oil, add chicken and cook for 15 minutes or until almost done.
Add jerk seasoning, BBQ sauce and frozen veggies. Cook for another 10 minutes.
In large pan combine drained pasta & jerk chicken mix.
Add 3/4 Parmesan cheese and 1.5 qt of heavy cream.
Mix well. Adjust cheese and heavy cream.
Serve immediately.