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Classic Creamed Pearl Onions

While you typically see creamed pearl onions around the holidays, I’m a firm believer in serving them all year. Tangy onions in a rich and creamy sauce, toasted to bubbling perfection? What’s not to love! They go beautifully with the Thanksgiving favorites like stuffing and mashed potatoes, but I’m also known to serve them with a hearty steak or ham. You really can’t go wrong adding these to your dinner menu.

You’ll see we’ve gone with frozen pearl onions for this recipe. In my opinion, it’s the way to go. I can’t usually find fresh ones around here and the frozen ones come already peeled which is a big plus! If you’re using fresh onions, I recommend cutting off the tops and boiling them for about a minute, then transferring them to an ice bath with a slotted spoon. That will make removing the skin far less tedious!

The sauce starts out with a simple roux of butter and flour. From there, we added vegetable broth, but you could also swap in chicken broth or stock.

We’ve also been known to add a spoonful of dijon mustard or a handful of green peas to the mix, because a little pop of color never hurts!

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