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Rainbow Cookies

A good friend gave me this recipe and I make these every Christmas. Everyone loves them and says they are better than those from the bakery. They are a bit of work but are worth it.
-I’d advise against that in this recipe. You want the outside chocolate layers to be very, very firm and “crisp”. Adding any kind of shortening will make it too soft.
-This is a very friendly and homey site which is very nice. However, it would be nice to have a place just for actual recipe reviews…sometimes when you are in a hurry they are very hard to locate amongst the chit chat. Luv the recipes.
-These cookies are very good. I don`t refrigerate the layers, but wrap all three in plastic wrap and place a cutting board on top and something heavy on top of the cutting board, I leave the three layers compressed all night long, the next morning I spread the melted chocolate chips on top.When the chocolate is set I cut them in bars.I use raspberry seedless preserve between two layers, and apricot preserve between the other two.
-I am so making these for Memorial Day Thea!! Thank you so very much sweetheart!! I know this recipe is killer by the almond paste!! That’s how my best friend and her mom “Nona” made them, and they were the best cookies ever!! ♥
Thank you so much!!

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