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Put Your Patties Together For Mini Chocolate Lava Cakes!

I love visiting my friends most especially during the weekends. Just like me and my husband, my friends get their free days only during weekends. And free days usually mean kitchen days. My friends stay in the kitchen and cook or bake anything under the sun. It’s their form of relaxation. They find solace inside the kitchen. By the end of the day, they always have two or three creations that they made the whole afternoon. Last weekend, I dropped by at Anne’s on my way back home from the mall.

Since my husband was at home, he’s on kid duty. I needed to talk to Anne regarding one of our friends’ engagement party and that was the only time I had free. Anne was in the kitchen when I arrived. The smell was so wonderful I felt like I floated from the living room to the kitchen. She was making something and it smelled so heavenly!

It was caramel lava cake. I tasted a lot of these before, but I never tried making them at home. My family is a fan of chocolate and not caramel, so I usually make chocolate lava cake. One bite of this cake and I knew that my family and I are missing a huge part of our lives by not making this. It tastes so heavenly and so divine! I couldn’t imagine I haven’t made this!

So if I were you, get a hold of a copy of this recipe on the next page. You can’t miss this!

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