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Privacy Window Using Contact Paper


    1. I chose to start applying the shapes in the center of the window. So I measured to find the center, then marked that spot with an eyeliner pencil.
    1. Peel back part of the paper backing and adhere the contact paper to the window. Then use the squeegee to remove any air bubble as you remove the rest of the paper. NOTE: It is important to get this first shape straight so that all of your other ones line up properly.

    1. Apply the remainder of the shapes, nesting them with the ones next to them.


    1. Most likely you will need to trim the shapes down that are along the edges. I recommend adhering a full shape and then trimming it down. To do this, use the squeegee to adhere the shape up to the edge, then use the cutting tool to carefully trim off the excess where it meets the edge.

    1. In some areas I could tell that I would only use one half of a shape so I cut it in half before adhering it. That way I didn’t risk ruining the other half when cutting it along the window edge.

    1. Now you have a privacy window without spending a lot of money. The best part is that conact paper is repositionable, so you can change the pattern later or just remove it.