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Pretzel Salad

Not your usual salad, but delicious nonetheless!
-This is such a good dessert. I have made this several times. I don’t make it much anymore as there is no one around to eat it but me. and I sure don’t need it.
-OY! I have been looking for this recipe for YEARS! Had this when my daughter was in elementary school (she’s 35, now!)& absolutely loved it! The recipe came up when I submitted a review on here! Can’t wait to make it for New Year’s Eve! Thanks!
-I found this on here and now I make it all the time, get requests for birthdays and holidays.Everybody just loves it. I use fresh strawberries. I like it much better than frozen. 🙂
-This is a very nice recipe I have been making it for over 27 years and it is posted in my 1987 cookbook Kitchen Chatter Recipes…I love that you posted it here…I love how recipes go from generation to generation and it is always new to each one hugs to you and the next generation too…oxoxo
-I made this last night, and took it to a family Labor Day get together today. It was a huge hit! I used sugar-free strawberry jello so my dad who is diabetic could eat part of it. And my sister-in-law who is careful about gluten said she was happy to see the pretzel crust, she can find gluten-free pretzels, and make it for herself. It was a beautiful dish to share. Thanks so much!

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