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Pretty As A Picture Succulent Planter

Colourful succulents, with their beautiful, complex shapes look like mini works of art. Here we show you how to plant a succulent pot to make your own piece of garden art, inspired by the still life paintings of the Old Masters.
This succulent planter is for the garden, so we are using the Sempervivum varieties of succulents (also known as Houseleeks and Hen and Chicks). They are super easy to grow, propagate really quickly and come in a vast range of shapes and colours. The only thing these pretty, colourful succulents really dislike is being waterlogged. We have grown them successfully in all manner of quirky plantings including our succulent hedgehog and our chicken wire, moss and succulent toadstool which you can find on our blog.What you need to make garden art with colourful succulents.
  • Shallow Terracotta Pot to hold your display
  • Small Terracotta pot or ceramic jug
  • Selection of Outdoor Succulent Plants
  • Succulent Compost
  • Gravel or similar to top dress the pot – we used Coloured Aquarium Gravel

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